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TEVAR TIMES, founded in 2013 by Saurabh Bhatt is one the emerging Digital Media. Being in an era, where media plays a key role in shaping the perception and thinking of people, TEVAR TIMES is committed to bringing unbiased, honest and ground news to its readers and netizens.

TEVAR TIMES is created with an idea of bringing a change in society and making a more democratic society. Through TEVAR TIMES, we want to fight against Injustice, Corruption, and Human Right Violation.

We know very well that youth constitutes 65% of the total population of our country and just because this segment covers the major chunk of our society, it becomes equally important for us to reflect all the predicament which these young champions face in there daily life.

The problem which they face can be related to continous corruption in government job, it can be related to fierce competition which they face in there every day life and sometimes they even had to pass through the clutches of corruption which is an ingredient of our administrative machinery, thus it becomes equally important to highlight these social atrocity which youth faces.

The basic attribute of young generation is aggression. An aggression to end prevailing corruption. An aggression to put our country India first. TEVAR TIMES is a daily newspaper & portal which primarily focuses on youth issues and works on there development, besides this we try to give smooth, crisp and unbiased news which covers each and every aspect of our society.

We are being served by a very dedicated team which helps us in getting our goals accomplished. Our team comprises of very young and dynamic Mr. Saurabh Bhatt ( EDITOR OF T. TIMES GROUP). Mr Saurabh is a very well known journalist who has worked with many of the leading news papers of India including Telegraph India and many more.

Other members of our team include Mr. Sanjeev Mandal (Bureau Head), Miss. Shanti (Special Correspondent), Mr. Sparsh Dixit (Special Correspondent), Mr. Ankit Yadav (Special Correspondent), Miss. Monika Jaiswal (Technical Head) and the list continues.This young team works day and night to create an unbiased awareness of society, and after doing lots of healthy discussion above we decide to put a full stop to our conversation with our readers.

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