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Vijay war continues between Rahul and BJP

Sparsh Dixit (Special Correspondent)

Attacks and counter attacks continue between congress and bjp over the flight of liquor businessmen Vijay mallya.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi demanded that finance minister Arun Jaitley should immediately relinquish his post because he had some concealed and obscure connections with Mallya who acted as an infliction for Indian economy by not repaying the loans.

Rahul said that Mallya wanted to settle all legal and financial disputes because of which he met the finance minister.

Gandhi reiterated his demand for Jaitley’s resignation by saying that a 20 minute meeting was held between Mallya and Jaitley , Punia who was present in the parliament spotted both of them during there meet, however minister Piyush Goyal retaliated by saying that all loans were sanctioned to Malya during his UPA’S reign and this was done because of Gandhi’s personal relations with Mallya because of which banks were pressurised to sanction the amount.

Piyush Goyal even stated that Modi’s government never sanctioned any loan for Mallya because they knew well that it was against laws and regulations as well.Piyush Goyal even raised a question to Gandhi asking that why didn’t he make any remarks regarding the above case since last so many months.

Piyush Goyal expressed his expostulation in a strong way by saying that Rahul Gandhi should make suitable inquiry before making such imputations.

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