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BJP the biggest liar, says Mayawati while being on fire


A press conference was held for the first time at Mayawati’s residence after she was forced to vacate her bungalow on the orders of supreme court. Mayawati seemed to be enraged on BJP and said the BJP didn’t fulfill any of its promise, and condition of both state and centre has worsened in past few years.

She even said that BJP has altered the minds of masses by showing them false dreams because they have been deceitful in fulfilling them.

Mayawati further said that BJP has done a marvelous job in shielding the nefarious and fraudulent people and there has been a continous mob lynching on the name of cow protection which is against democracy. Speaking on upcoming loksabha elections in 2019 Mayawati said that she will merge with anti BJP alliance only if she gets respectable total of seats.

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