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Why should upper caste pay the due? Mr Sadhu says reservation wont continue

A few days back RSS chief Mr.Mohan a bhagwat stated that hindus have got identity because of muslims on which he has been remonstrated by Shree Sadhu Tiwari the present chief of Akhil bhartiya brahman maahasangh.
Sadhu stated that we live in India which is a secular and democratic country. India is also known as Hindustan and we dont have to depend on any one to prove our identity, uniqueness and distinctiveness.
Our history proves that pacifism and truce have always been an important ingredient of our culture.This is the only country where all castes including hindu, muslims, sikhs and christian live in peace.
This proves our similarity inspite of having so many dissimilarities. Mr Sadhu further stated that the most domination and considerable predicament which we are facing is reservation.
He asks that why a particular should be provided with reservation inspite of having all the facilities and resources and its important that reservation should be provided on the basis of financial position and stability.
Mr Sadhu further says that very soon a massive protest against reservation will be organised by him in Varanasi which is the constituency of our present prime minister Shree Narendra Modi.

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